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Manchester City Council

04th June 2018

Client: Manchester City Council
Project location: Manchester
Accommodation: Housing
Project duration:
Project completion:

David Phillips works with Manchester City Council, providing a range of services to customers who are vulnerable and are in need of additional support. Our service provides a one stop shop for all residents that includes; delivery and installation of white goods, furniture and carpet as and additionally, removal and disposal/recycling of furniture and white goods.

This is the third consecutive occasion that David Phillips has re-secured the AGMA contract, we now have a well established and complimentary, 12-year relationship with our partners at Manchester City Council.

The AGMA (Association of Greater Manchester Authorities) framework for the provision of white goods and furniture to residents of Manchester and associated authorities, for residents who are eligible for the Community Care Grant (Local Welfare Fund). This framework includes 23 associate councils and requires the delivery of white goods and furniture within a given timeframe of 5 working days.

Under AGMA David Phillips have a jobs right first time ratio of 98%; which David Phillips understands through years of experience of working with vulnerable client groups the positive impact a good service has.

David Phillips has developed a close working relationship with the Council to understand the client group and to deliver emergency items within a shortened timescale whenever possible.

David Phillips are fully meeting the requirements of the contract, receiving excellent customer feedback in the process as evidenced by successfully re-securing this contract on 3 consecutive occasions which directly demonstrates the high quality of service executed by David Phillips.

David Phillips have developed a working system with Stockport Council Local Welfare fund team which allows us to liaise directly with customers to arrange delivery and collection. This process allows for lean methodology and high quality service for the end user.

David Phillips recognise the importance of providing community benefit in working with vulnerable client groups and have worked with a Greater Manchester Authority within AGMA to provide 8 work placements to welfare to work customers. These work placements were offered in varied positions including office administration and warehousing. In addition to additional value provided by these work placements, one individual was successful in attaining a full time permanent position within our cleaning team.

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